Beta Automation - We Give You What You Need

We are one of the Leading Manufacture of Vending Machine in INDIA. Well Known for our Customized Vending Machines.We support credit card and debit card payment access feature. We export and supply Machines all over the world that meets our customer needs and satisfaction with optimum standard.

We incorporate new features to make your experience more user friendly, secure, safer and a lot more than you have asked from us. We offer products that include Automatic Snacks Vending Machine, Food Vending Machine, DVD Vending Machine, Fruits Vending Machine, Cool Drink's Vending Machine, Hot snack Vending Machine, Seed Vending Machine, Milk Pouch Vending Machine, Stationary Vending Machine and Retail Vending Outlet.

Few of our Customized Products are Hot & cold Vending Machine, Plate Vending Machine. Our machine features includes Credit & Debit Card access, Note Dispenser, Wep Printer, Touch interface of Variable Size, Bar Code Scanner. We are happy to assist your needs.

Safer, Secure, Standard -We Value your Money and Satisfaction

Our added security Feature’s makes our customer to feel safer and secure. No more Social Threat, Your Investment is always protected and trust worthy.Our intelligent security system will ensure a secure mode of payment transition and Vending. No more Fake bills, Fake Coins, Fake Cards and No more hack.

Security features:

1)  Online monitoring

       The machine is connected to the customer’s virtual computer. Giving him access to monitor the sales, payment transaction, machine status, and control machine ON & OFF.

2)  Personal alert system

       The machine is supported with Text, Email,and Sound Alert.

3)  Fake proof bill acceptor, coin acceptor, card acceptor and scanner system

        The payment devices are high standard, updated Versions, best quality. Having a secure you transaction.

4)  No more theft by shaking, pushing and breaking the machine, aided with anti-theft delivery box.

5)  Supported with sensor

6)  Anti- Drilling Lock

7)  Toughened Double Layer Glass

Stationary vending Machine
Microsoft India - Stationary Vending Machine
Touch screen vending machine
Flexible user interface| advertise your brand | variable screen size | customizable user interface | Advanced payment option| Online monitoring |security | customizable
Smart vending machine
Touch screen interface| multiple payment option- cash, account, credit & debit card, smart card, barcode| wide range of product option|Multiple vending | elevator based vending| customizable
Seed vending machine
Seed vending machine –Tamilnadu agricultural research university (TNAU) | Located all over Tamilnadu  around 10 place | Seed packet vending | large qty space| regrigeration accompanied 
India’s first Credit & Debit card accessible vending machine
“Credit and debit card vending machine “- First in INDIA
Easy way of payment | secured| at any time 
Hot & Cold Microwave oven vending machine
Hot food items | cold food items | microwave oven accompanied| cooling up to 4 degree| touch screen interface| multi payment option | customization| online monitoring| high quantity space
Magazine vending machine
Magazine | book| dvds | newspapers | payment option – coin , cash, credit & debit card
Customize your needs - We Build For your Needs

Every Customer is unique and important, having their own needs and product to Vend. We assist your needs.We are more curious to vend something new for you, if you’re a person with a necessity to vend your product in your own taste. We are here to support you with our full effort to customize your machine.

Customize your:

Design & Standard - Make your machine look and perform unique 

Size - Customized size and product quantity based on thenecessity

Technology – challenges us with new concept, choose the technology for your machine

Payment mode – Credit card, Debit Card, Mobile banking, Bills, Coins, bill and coin Dispenser,  Recharge mode, smart card, QR and Barcode scanning, Customized Id Cards.

Refrigeration – up to 4 degree as standard, -29 degree as maximum

Few of our customized machines

  • Hot Box – machine operates at 4 degree Celsius that can vend both hot and cold food like pizza, burgers, Chicken, sandwich, samosa, sweets etc…,
  • Milk Pouch Vending Machine – it can vend milk pouch and product without getting damaged.
  • Stationary machine –Can vend all kind of items Stationary.
Save your money - Get your Needs

Benefit of investment. Save your money, plan your investment .For your future in getting your needs and service beyond any restrictions. Live and lead life on your way.

24 / 7  Any Thing @ Any Time @ Any Where
Get your needs at your convenience, live your life on your style with ensured comfort.
6 Payment Option
  • Cash
  • Coin
  • Credit & Debit card
  • Bar code
  • Smart card